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The Future of Job Posting Distribution

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Takes the Human Element out of Posting Jobs

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AutoPost gives you a complete hands off approach to posting jobs.

Your company receives its own personal AutoPost scraping tool.

  • Eliminates managing separate career site scraping.
  • Supports thousands of career sites.
  • Have dozens of unique job rules running simultaneously.
  • Handles all of your frequently posted jobs.
  • Eliminates user interaction.
  • Gives you more spending power and control.
  • Provides precise job and candidate performance data.

Simply give our robots instructions on what jobs to process from your career site and where to post them — and you’re done!

No more users.

No more training.

No more remembering to post jobs.

It’s a totally automated system that you can set and forget.

Some Common Uses by eQuest Customers

University Career Centers Initiatives

University Career Centers Initiatives
  • Send all local jobs to local campuses.
  • Send jobs located in Northeastern region to Boston College, Barnard College, Wellesley College, Williams College, Amherst College, and Cornell University.
  • Send all jobs with the word “intern” to
Industry-Specific job posting

Jobs by Function or Job Title Industry-Specific
  • Send all front desk, cleaning, janitorial to (Hotel)
  • Send bartenders, chefs, sous chefs, barback, doorman to (Restaurant)
  • Send ER nurse, acute care pediatric nurse, family nurse to (Hospital)
Multi-Country job posting

Multi-Country Posting
  • Send all US jobs to
  • Send all Australian jobs to Adzuna, SEEK, and Zhaopin.
  • Send only IT jobs located in Silicon Valley to boards in UK, China, and Benelux.
  • Send all retail sales jobs in Singapore to 51job, JobStreet, and ChinaHR.
Evergreen Job Posting

Frequently Posted or Evergreen Jobs
  • Send all barista jobs in U.S. to
  • Send insurance sales jobs in San Francisco Bay Area to Craigslist.
  • Send all programming jobs in Houston to Dice and
  • Send all my jobs to Glassdoor.
  • Send all my jobs in Illinois to

Your Options are Endless

If you would like a demo of AutoPost, contact eQuest today.