eQuest Advantage™ Network

Put the power of the Advantage Network to work for you

Free job posting network for a single, annual fee.

Unlimited job posting. No restrictions. No job board fees to pay.

Over 8,000 career sites in the Network.

Over 15 million candidates responded in last 12 months.

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Casting your recruitment net wider and farther

Take advantage of more than 8,000 career site locations without paying a single job board fee.

How does the Advantage Network work?
The Network is comprised of:

  • Search engines (including SEO enhancement)
  • Major job board aggregators
  • National outreach career sites
  • Diversity sites
  • Veterans sites
  • LGBT
  • Disabled
  • Local community-based organizations
Will my jobs post on every location?
No. Each job is reviewed to make sure that it is sent to the best corresponding career sites. This is done by reviewing the listed job title, skills, and location and sending your job to the best applicable network locations. There is no use posting a dental hygienist job to a board that specializes in IT professionals.
Does Advantage utilize enough career site locations to be effective for any type job?
In over 90% of cases, your job will be delivered to the best possible career site locations including Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
Are all of the job boards in the Advantage Network free?
They are free to all of our Advantage subscribers.
Is there a limit to the number of jobs I can post?
No limit — as many as you want.
What is the cost?
Depending on the number of jobs and corresponding board deliveries, fees are normally a few cents per post.