Interactive Media Services

Interactive Media Services

Why eQuest Media?

eQuest’s Media Division consists of a team of experienced representatives that understand the unique dynamics of Internet advertising on a global scale. This knowledge, coupled with eQuest’s exhaustive inventory of job board performance measurements (Big Data) at their fingertips, is a combination no other agency can claim.

We are all about results. Effective media strategies, interactive media negotiations and buying, and award-winning performance metrics & analysis — are all utilized to point your Internet advertising budgets to sites that work specifically for your company.

Our Difference

Global and Cultural Reach Expertise

We deliver results-driven, strategic media solutions to over 100 multinational companies. Our global reach provides recruiting insights for each unique culture.

Dedicated Account Management

Customers are assigned a dedicated Interactive Media Consultant to assist your company with a myriad of services including management of your job posting administrator, job board and interactive media planning, strategic or ad hoc sourcing strategies, and analysis of performance metrics.

eQuest Big Data Analytics

eQuest Media Service is backed by our Big Data for HR analytics, which runs your specific job board analytics against over 1.5 billion data records each day. eQuest’s cutting edge predicative tools allow our media consultants to utilize all those performance records to propose effective recommendations.

Media Knowledge

From traditional job boards, to Social, Mobile and Professional Networks including unique talent communities, eQuest Media has the expertise to address the hiring challenges of today’s market.

Negotiating Skill and Cost Savings

With thousands of companies posting jobs through eQuest, we negotiate from a position of knowledge and strength. We know what job boards work for specific jobs in specific locales as well as career sites that don’t work. Knowledge is power — and we use this knowledge to negotiate the best possible pricing for your company.

Our Offering:

  • Discounted pricing for other Services
  • Strategic consulting & dedicated support
  • Customized & centralized billing
  • Quarterly ROI analysis & Campaign optimization

Bottom line

At eQuest, we understand the key challenges facing employers today. And with eQuest Media, you have a trusted partner and an expert to manage all aspects of your interactive sourcing and recruiting efforts – from strategy, negotiations and media buying, to job distribution and performance metrics.