Keeping Customers Compliant is eQuest’s Main Goal

eQuest has never failed a Federal VEVRA audit for a single customer.

Their roster of customers reads like a “Who’s Who” of major corporations. The majority of the Global Fortune 500 rely on them. Most of the job advertisements you see on the internet have more than likely been delivered by them. And yet you’ve probably never heard of them.

Since 1994, eQuest, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, has been quietly creating one of the largest job posting delivery services in the world. Heavyweights including Workday, Oracle, SAP, and IBM have plugged eQuest into their human capital systems for their customers.

Now, another eQuest service is growing at the same fast pace as job delivery. Called Compliance Delivery – eQuest assures companies doing business with the U.S. Federal government sector are

meeting the Department of Labor’s strict guidelines related to listing jobs.

Federal contractors are required (and must be able to prove) that their jobs are reaching a wide spectrum of diversity channels (i.e., women, minority, disabled, LGBT, etc.) as well as State and Local run career sites, including veteran and disabled veteran sites.

Using the same business model as its commercial job delivery service, eQuest created a one-stop service that provides Federal contractors everything they need to meet these guidelines and more.

And best of all, it’s entirely automated.

Reprint from Silicon Review Magazine – December, 2016