Job Board Recommendations Are Here!

We’ve made an improvement to your job posting experience.

You will now see instant job board performance recommendations via a simple thumbs up-thumbs down indicator.


We have connected your eQuest job board selection page to over 1.5 billion job board performance records – including your own previously posted data.

Your job requisition is reviewed in a millisecond, including:

  • Job Title
  • Job Skills
  • Job Location (50 mile square radius)
  • Resumes Submitted
  • Speed of Candidate Responsiveness

Then we compare this data with the thousands of other users posting similar positions to only the job boards you have access on your screen.

Based on our findings each job board receives a score which results in a recommendation.

A thumbs up thumbs-up means that the likelihood of your job finding a candidate at that board is much greater than a board with a thumbs down thumbs-down. However, you can still select a board with a thumbs down.