Floating Point — The Journey Begins

Informed decision makingWhat do a mathematical computation method, a Chinese philosophy, and a baseball coach all have in common? While the answer is not so obvious, the truth is that the powerful combination of these three form the core of the foundation of eQuest’s “Big Data for HR” division.

Let’s start with understanding the meaning of the phrase, “Floating Point.” In advanced mathematics, Floating Point refers to a method of representing numbers in a way that can support a wide range of values. Conceptually, this is what eQuest’s HR Data Analysts do. We take very large sets of real numbers and turn those into valuable insights and recommendations for our customers. Our keen ability to analyze those numbers enables us to hone in on the most meaningful representation of the information to our customers.

The name “Floating Point” is also meant to convey that this is a place where I will be “floating” ideas out to you. It will be a destination you can come to where you can expect to review the current thinking, trends, and activity related to the topics of Strategic HR and Talent Acquisition. Both are predicated on being able to make informed decisions. “Floating Point” will be the venue where the conversation will center around how HR can leverage the burgeoning amount of data available to them.

Chinese philosopher, Lao-tzu is credited with saying, “The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step.” Informed decision making should always guide taking that first step. Too much focus on analysis and one can become paralyzed and not take action. The corollary – i.e. making hasty decisions and relying on gut reaction can also have dire consequences.

Modern day philosopher and Baseball coaching great, Yogi Berra once quiped, “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” Simple, but true. Having the end in mind from the outset is therefore a critical first step in any strategic planning endeavor.

Strategic business planning is a process of creating a long term plan – a destination if you will – plotted out to achieve a set of goals and objectives for the company. With that strategic end in mind, business leaders then lay out their roadmap – building their plan of action based on their analysis and interpretation of available information. As they take their first step down the path, companies must continue their review of information to validate their destination and recalibrate activities if necessary. Ironic that the insights of a Chinese philosopher and a baseball coach frame the basic tenets of such an important business activity.

As Vice President of eQuest’s “Big Data” division, I lead the Company’s data analytic group which studies the performance and trending of job postings on job boards and social media sites. Job #1 for me is to create the right business solutions that enable our customers to make better informed decisions and take appropriate action. Our data driven insights enable our HR customers to create the results their companies are relying on them to produce.

I have a long track record of successes in creating and executing on innovative HR strategies for Fortune 500 companies. My background includes pioneering HR Technology roles while working at PeopleSoft, start-up company leadership defining ground-breaking internet based HR solutions, and building HR Technology platforms and reporting solutions for global companies. I firmly believe an HR organization plays a critical, strategic role in the companies they live in.

Strategy and vision, though, are only as good as the execution and delivery plans underpinning them. Talking a good game is not enough in the business world In the end, it is results that are what really matters. Simply stated, this blog will cover the full spectrum of Strategic HR topics -but always with an understanding that results based on data informed decisions is what drives strategic capability.

I welcome you as a reader and value your critical feedback. I look forward to you joining me on this journey.

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