eQuest Celebrates 30 Years in the Job Posting Business

The job delivery pioneer achieves its significant 30-year milestone with time-tested business philosophies and a resilient business model.

San Ramon, California, January 9, 2024 – Today marks the 30th anniversary of eQuest. First introduced in 1994, the company’s innovative and resilient business model has contributed greatly to what is now the foundation for today’s recruitment business.

In its thirty years, eQuest has enriched the lives of recruiters and candidates from around the world. With nearly two billion job posting actions processed, it quickly grew into a trusted platform for hardware, software, and service integrations, and inspired new products, that have become essential to people’s daily lives in and out of the recruitment industry.

Advances like AutoPost™ with Rule-based Job Routing, Real-time Job Publishing, Real-time Candidate Application Parsing, voice activated posting through Alexa, and a Real-time Job Posting Status Dashboard – eQuest has established a track record of innovations and excellence, relevant to its customers’ businesses.

A vision for the future
Looking ahead, eQuest continues to make development plans, leveraging its technologies to support unique aspects of its present services including online media representation, OFCCP job posting for Federal Contractors, and Job Posting Analysis via Advanced Reporting.

About eQuest
Since 1994, eQuest has provided domestic and international job posting delivery for thousands of customers worldwide to thousands of commercial job boards, colleges, universities, social media, diversity and federally mandated career sites, and niche job boards. eQuest supports hundreds of career sites in nearly 150 countries.