eQuest Continues Proactive Investment in OFCCP Compliance Services Division with State-of-the-Art Audit Portal and New Speedier On Boarding

San Ramon, CA — May 8, 2018 — eQuest, the world’s largest job posting distribution company, continues to invest in new technology and solutions to ensure customer success, most recently with a state-of-the-art audit portal offered through its Compliance Division. Newly built from the ground up, the online portal captures and reports on all recent and historical job posting activity, which is critical for passing strict audits by the Department of Labor, Office of Federal Compliance Contract Programs (OFCCP). In addition, the system tracks candidate performance sourcing from a higher percentage of responding diversity job boards in its network than ever before.

“As diversity rules and recommended changes are made by the Department of Labor, eQuest has a responsibility to its customers to ensure the proper expansion of technology to meet or exceed these requirements,” said Andy Lampe, Director of Technology at eQuest. “Specifically, eQuest’s Compliance division is driving rapid adoption of its innovative job delivery and services platform as the standard for mitigating OFCCP job listing auditing risk among leading companies with Federal contracts.”

In addition to the new audit portal, eQuest is investing in other technology advancements to support customers, including:

  • The utilization of the Department of Labor’s e-Verify system, which can accelerate a new customer’s onboarding to just a few minutes, instead of weeks or months.
  • Increased customer support resources for training and audit research.
  • Increased technology resources to effectively serve additional customers, as well as new system features.

eQuest currently represents more than 1,000 companies for compliance and diversity in the United States, as well as in mandated countries including France, England, Germany, Denmark, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Canada.

About eQuest

eQuest is the world’s largest job posting distribution company, with a global network serving more than 180 countries and territories and delivering more than 250 million posting transactions each year. The company’s innovative solutions and services are used by thousands of small, medium, and large businesses, including the majority of the Fortune Global 500 and enterprise HCM companies. In addition to job posting delivery and job board management, eQuest offers comprehensive analytics, reporting, and candidate source tracking for evaluating job board performance, as well as OFCCP and diversity compliance support. Established in 1994, eQuest is one of the most recognized and admired brands in the human resources industry. Learn more at www.equest.com.