eQuest Releases eCommerce Job Posting Portal
Months Ahead of Schedule

Restricted Discount Job Board Marketplace Now Open to the General Public

San Ramon, Ca – October 29, 2020 – eQuest today announced that it has released its web-direct, eCommerce, job posting gateway called eQuestXpress through its website at eQuest.com.

The release will provide job posting access free of charge without the need for passwords, contracts, integrations with an Applicant Tracking System or CRM. The Xpress service waives eQuest job delivery fees – plus participating career sites have discounted their normal online posting fees by a sizable amount.

There are many recruiters that do not have access to Applicant Tracking Systems or do not do the volume of job postings required to facilitate job board contracts. eQuestXpress eliminates these restrictions – allowing recruiters and companies posting privileges without any requirements – all from a single site.

To necessitate a successful posting a recruiter is required to fill out the job requirements, have a contact URL where the candidate can return for resume submittal, and a credit card to pay to list the posting at the job board.

“This particular version was built to allow small companies the same advantages, benefits, access and discounts that large customers experience with our Enterprise application,” said Bob Jaworski, eQuest’s head of Alliances and Partnerships. “It is not a CRM tool, but instead, an additional access point to allow customers entrance to eQuest’s network of job boards through its Xpress gateway.”

About eQuest

With its global reach, eQuest distributes jobs to any job advertising destination in the world, reaching over 180 countries and thousands of candidate sourcing sites.  eQuest also provides comprehensive candidate source tracking analysis for evaluating job board performance, job board negotiating services, and OFCCP/Diversity/Inclusion support. eQuest is one of the most recognized and admired brands in the human resource industry. eQuest is located at www.equest.com and is celebrating its 26th year in business.