eQuest Releases Thermostat

Allows Companies to Fine Tune Recommendation Results by Blending Big Data with its Own Company Data

San Ramon, CA (October 27, 2015) – eQuest today announced another enhancement to its job distribution suite of products and services called eQuest Thermostat™.

The eQuest Thermostat lets customers weigh and blend incoming recommendation data by unique job board to achieve a more specific, higher analytical result. The result creates a more personalized recommendation outcome for customers who might prefer to weigh their own data higher or lower depending on the career site.

eQuest recently announced an enhanced job recommendation engine that predicts best candidate performance outcomes based on billions of data already collected by eQuest. The thermostat product is a significant game changer when it comes to job posting prediction and analytics.

The tool was designed to be extremely effective for customers who are starting to grow into new locations and/or industries.  By harnessing the power of the eQuest Big Data analytics, the customer can receive a completely objective analysis of which boards to use.  Consequently, customers who are prolific posters in key segments, can use their weighting algorithm to drive better conclusions and yield a potentially higher precision outcome during data analysis.

All analysis is performed in real-time as the job posting user gets ready to select job boards for their open requisition. Recommendations are delivered to the user in a simple thumbs up or down fashion thus eliminating the need for dashboard searches.

The eQuest Thermostat can be tweaked and monitored at any time to ensure the very best in job posting recommendation.

All eQuest customers receive Thermostat free of charge.

About eQuest

eQuest provides domestic and international job posting delivery to thousands of customers worldwide. eQuest posts jobs to any posting destination in the world; its delivery network is linked in over 180 countries and territories. eQuest also provides comprehensive candidate source tracking analysis for evaluating job board performance, gamification, real-time job board recommendations, job board negotiating services, and OFCCP/Diversity outreach. Its support is one of the key success factors in reducing time consuming data entry in a recruiters work day. eQuest is one of the most recognized and admired brands in the human resource industry. www.equest.com.