eQuest Reaches 1,250,000,000 Job Board and Social Media Candidate Performance Records in its Big Data Warehouse

San Ramon, CA — June 4, 2013 — eQuest today reported that its collection of job board and social media candidate performance statistics has reached a massive 1,250,000,000. eQuest collects and stores these statistics as part of its Big Data Recruitment Suite. The data is used to calculate and predict future viewing trends for Internet media advertising; most specifically in the recruitment arena.

Most data experts agree that eQuest’s data is the most highly prized in the Human Capital space because it measures the actual effectiveness of online job advertising across a multitude of career sites, social networks, and search engines. These measurements can be used to predict future outcomes of Internet job advertising including what career sites are most effective for specific jobs in specific locations.

David Bernstein, who heads up the Big Data division at eQuest, said, “By utilizing mammoth amounts of information, we can peer into the future and predict an advertising outcome before it happens — an advertisers dream.”

eQuest Big Data Recruitment Suite provides competitive aggregated analysis enabling companies to resource talent faster than its rivals.

About eQuest

eQuest is the world’s dominant and most utilized job posting distribution company. Its primary customer base consists of the majority of the Global Fortune 500. It also provides job deliveries on behalf of the world’s largest Applicant Tracking Systems, ERP’s, and job boards — managing thousands of companies through these channels. Present job posting deliveries average 250 million annually. Its Big Data for HR division consults companies wanting to take advantage of its corporate intelligence and predictive analysis services. Other products include consulting, OFCCP compliance and audit protection, technology services, data analytics, Interactive media representation, SEO, and various predictive tools. eQuest was established in 1994. eQuest can be reached at www.equest.com.