eQuest Releases China Job Board Study

Candidate Activity Performance Revealed

San Ramon, CA — January 17, 2013 — eQuest today announced its completion of a study that measures job board performance and relative candidate response activity involving career sites located in China. The study involves the actual performance of thousands of jobs posted by national and multi-national companies seeking candidates for positions within China and surrounding areas. Over 200 Chinese sites participated.

The analysis shows the improvements of not only job boards but social networks, and other avenues open to recruiters for job advertising.  Also broken down were how these career sites meet advertising claims, performance, and upward and downward trends by job classification, job titles, skills, and candidate response times.

The report is part of a Big Data for HR study to determine how career sites trend and perform worldwide.

eQuest has made public a brief overview of the report located on eQuest’s website, and more specifically located at: www.equest.com/solutions/big-data-for-hr/.

About eQuest

eQuest is the world’s dominant and most utilized job posting distribution company. Its primary customer base consists of the majority of the Global Fortune 500. It also provides job deliveries on behalf of the world’s largest Applicant Tracking Systems, ERP’s, and job boards — managing thousands of companies through these channels. Present job posting deliveries average 250 million annually. Its Big Data for HR division collects approximately 5 million job board performance statistics weekly — making eQuest the Nielsen Ratings company of the HR industry. Other products include consulting, OFCCP compliance and audit protection, technology services, data analytics, Interactive media representation, SEO, and various predictive tools. eQuest was established in 1994. eQuest can be reached at www.equest.com.

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