eQuest Challenges Assumptions About Internet Recruitment Marketing

New Infographic Shows that Attracting Candidates via all Appropriate Online Channels Remains a Critical Activity

SAN RAMON, CA — January 22, 2014 — eQuest’s Big Data Analytics division has just released an infographic full of statistics that debunk current recruitment internet marketing assumptions. The infographic is a companion piece to eQuest’s recent white paper, “Setting the Record Straight: Why You Can’t Ignore Job Boards in Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy.”

The infographic provides recent statistics on job board proliferation, use among job seekers and more, providing some assumption-shattering facts. Some findings concluded that although social media is receiving a great deal of attention, only 2.9 percent of external hires come from social media activity, whereas job boards account for 18 percent. eQuest does not advocate an either-or policy but rather advocates the need to target the right channels for the job posting, whether that be job boards, social media or both.

“It’s important to not get lured into accepting anecdotes as fact or get blinded by bias when determining the marketing channels that work for you,” said David Bernstein, vice president of eQuest’s Big Data Analytics Division. “When one in six hires comes via a job board, it’s dangerous to let the herd mentality guide decision-making instead of the data. Talent acquisition pros need to get their recruitment marketing messages in front of their target job seeker audience, period. Any channel that provides this opportunity should be included in the marketing mix, and our infographic’s statistics show that job boards fill that bill.”

Click here to view the infographic.

The companion white paper, “Setting the Record Straight,” is available without registration here.

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eQuest is the world’s dominant and most-utilized job posting distribution company. Its primary customer base consists of the majority of the Global Fortune 500. It also provides job deliveries on behalf of the world’s largest Applicant Tracking Systems, ERPs, and job boards — managing thousands of companies through these channels. Present job posting deliveries average 250 million annually. Its Big Data for HR division consults companies wanting to take advantage of its corporate intelligence and predictive analysis services. Other products include consulting, OFCCP compliance and audit protection, technology services, data analytics, interactive media representation, and various predictive tools. www.equest.com

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