Big Data’s Greatest Power: Predictive Analytics

There’s hardly an article, news story, webinar, or whitepaper these days that talks about Big Data that doesn’t also talk about predictive analytics. In fact, I contribute extensively to that body of work through my own talks and writings. So, why is there such hype and curiosity about these topics? Even though the topics may … Continue reading “Big Data’s Greatest Power: Predictive Analytics”

Competitive Analysis — The Power of “Knowing Thy Enemy”

Being surprised is rarely a good thing in business. One of the reasons Big Data has quickly become the darling of business is because its insights help diminish the likelihood of surprises. The game-changing nature of Big Data analysis is that it enables businesses to leverage what they’ve learned about themselves to develop more accurate … Continue reading “Competitive Analysis — The Power of “Knowing Thy Enemy””

Big Data Dashboard Dizziness — A Trendy Tool with Little Utilization

Over the past 12 months, I have had the luxury of speaking with a vast assortment of HR Directors who are kind enough to impart their wisdom, opinions, and frustrations when it comes to utilizing Big Data in the HR workplace. One common thread seems to be centered on the method of how vendors are … Continue reading “Big Data Dashboard Dizziness — A Trendy Tool with Little Utilization”