eQuest Celebrates 28 Years in the Job Delivery Business

San Ramon, California, January 11, 2022 – For almost three decades, eQuest has been at the forefront of innovation in the job distribution business; pioneering what has become today’s “industry standard” in how jobs are retrieved, processed, and ultimately delivered on the internet as well as how recruiters and candidates communicate.

Today, the company is the recognized leader in the job distribution space, with a wide-ranging portfolio of products for delivering customer jobs to its network of online publishers and career sites in over 150 countries. eQuest recently announced it surpassed 10,000 delivery customers worldwide.

“The company has an uncanny ability to pivot at a moment’s notice, said Mike Corso, president of disabledperson.com, a leading career sites for the disabled.  “There are incredible demands placed on this middleware market – usually by relentless ATS changes, job board changes, customer changes, including sheer market changes. And change is what eQuest has been able to successfully achieve over the last 28 years.”

“eQuest offers its customers a very clear proposition: an established track record of innovation and excellence, backed by a solid financial base from which we’re developing the next generation of delivery technology,” stated Bob Jaworski, VP of Alliances for eQuest. “We are extremely relevant to our customers’ businesses, and we take that role very seriously.”

A vision for the future

Looking ahead, streaming –both VOD and live– are at the core of eQuest’s development plans, leveraging technologies such as machine learning and containerized infrastructure that will support monetization and revenue generation in a highly customized media delivery system. With the migration to IP, virtualization, and cloud workflows, partnerships and strategic alliances have never been more important. Content distributors will need to form new relationships with vendors that encompass completely new business models, not just new products.

About eQuest

Since 1994, eQuest has provided domestic and international job posting delivery for thousands of customers worldwide to thousands of commercial job boards, colleges, universities, social media, diversity and federally mandated career sites, and niche job boards. Since its inception, eQuest has estimated it has posted more than 1 billion jobs to career sites located in nearly 150 countries.