eQuest Gamifies its Posting Experience

Connects HR Management to Downline Posting Users to Ensure Job Board Strategy and Spending are Being Carried Out and Monitored

San Ramon, CA – October 2, 2015 – eQuest today officially unveiled a first-of-its-kind gamification posting tool that scores job posting user effectiveness through an online game and scoreboard.

A recent eQuest poll of the Global Fortune 500 found that over 62% of respondents confirmed that the act of job posting, including job board selections, are performed by non-recruiters or admins. The result is a rampant mismanagement of job board advertising budgets.

eQuest’s gamification tool illuminates the strategies set by upper management to the downline posting user via a simple auto race game. The user is presented a scenario that encourages them to follow management’s strategies by selecting the right job boards thereby winning the game and receiving a virtual trophy. The results are registered on a leaderboard that can be monitored by management.

Management can quickly assess who is following or not following the strategy through the leaderboard. Corrective action can be deployed immediately thus saving companies literally thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

“The goal is to motivate a company’s users to meet and achieve the best business outcome – directing its advertising budget to the highest level of spending performance,” said David Bernstein, VP of Data Analytics at eQuest.

eQuest’s gamification tool is free of charge to eQuest customers.

About eQuest

eQuest provides domestic and international job posting delivery to thousands of customers worldwide. eQuest posts jobs to any posting destination in the world; its delivery network is linked in over 180 countries and territories. eQuest also provides comprehensive candidate source tracking analysis for evaluating job board performance, gamification, real-time job board recommendations, job board negotiating services, and OFCCP/Diversity outreach. Its support is one of the key success factors in reducing time consuming data entry in a recruiters work day. eQuest is one of the most recognized and admired brands in the human resource industry. www.equest.com.