eQuest Expands its Internet Data Gathering to Better Gauge Candidate Performance on Job Boards and Social Media Sites

San Ramon, CA – October 15, 2013 -— eQuest today reported that over the last year it has been busy accumulating additional data sets that will assist companies in further evaluating and predicting successful online job advertisements around the world.

eQuest’s announcement revealed that its systems have been capturing  candidate job search behavior across career and social media sites. Heavy focus has been placed on evaluating which types of advertising content attract larger viewership and response rates than others.  Calculations being studied included how key words, phraseology, paragraph layouts, job titles, and other posting content attract candidates. Other data studies calculated average “candidate response times.”  This information can tell advertisers which career sites return candidates at a much faster rate than others based on job titles, locations and when the job is delivered. Another data set was used specifically to analyze and compare the recent interest in social media sites as a tool for recruitment to that of job boards.

Other announced system enhancements included:

  • a “sniffing” device enabling eQuest to determine the types of hardware (mobile vs. desktop) candidates are utilizing during the online recruitment process;
  • “candidate response location mapping” to inform advertisers where their posting ads are most effective by candidate locale;
  • Submission verification of successful candidate applications from within any Applicant Tracking System.

“eQuest continues to reach into the Internet cosmos to understand the complexities of the online HR advertising market,” said David Bernstein, VP of Big Data at eQuest. “Our belief is that hiring data is only one part of the recruitment equation. We are now researching what Madison Avenue has known for years – that success stems from the initial job advertisement. And we are already learning what nuances of an advertisement will compel candidates to respond. With better data the clearer the world becomes.”

About eQuest

eQuest is the world’s dominant and most-utilized job posting distribution company. Its primary customer base consists of the majority of the Global Fortune 500. It also provides job deliveries on behalf of the world’s largest Applicant Tracking Systems, ERPs, and job boards — managing thousands of companies through these channels. Present job posting deliveries average 250 million annually. Its Big Data for HR division consults companies wanting to take advantage of its corporate intelligence and predictive analysis services. Other products include consulting, OFCCP compliance and audit protection, technology services, data analytics, interactive media representation, and various predictive tools. www.equest.com

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