eQuest Selects QlikView Business Discovery Platform

Opens Window to Over One Billion Job Board Performance Statistics and Records

SAN RAMON, CA — August 6, 2013 — eQuest today announced that it has selected leading Business Discovery – user-driven business intelligence – vendor, QlikTech, to support eQuest’s rapidly growing Big Data for HR division. The QlikView Business Discovery platform will sit atop eQuest’s data warehouse and provide powerful data visualization capabilities enabling analysts to retrieve and decipher job board trending patterns, gaining important insights from its huge, constantly changing datasets from around the world.

eQuest will also utilize QlikView to perform a number of important data-mining and extraction functionalities. These include the consolidation of relevant job posting analytical data from multiple sources, increased processing speed, and data enhancement—all designed to perform deep-dive analysis against the largest database of job posting data available.

“For most employers the tactics used to find and hire top candidates yesterday, are no longer relevant today. Therefore, eQuest must help customers stay ahead of emerging job search trends so they can recruit the best talent in the industry,” said Jeff Boehm, Vice President of Global Product Marketing at QlikTech. “Utilizing the QlikView Business Discovery platform eQuest analytics experts can easily look across their organization’s vast, global dataset to identify job board trends in real-time and provide the valuable insights its customers need.”

“Big Data can uncover connections and patterns of behavior—stories—that organizations can use to their business advantage, but only if those insights can be extracted in a timely manner,” said David Bernstein, vice president of eQuest’s Big Data for HR division. “Our ability to significantly decrease the time it takes to get to those actionable insights is the key to our customer’s successes. The enormity of these data sets makes it difficult to see these stories, which is why QlikView is so important for eQuest.”

To learn more about eQuest, please visit www.equest.com.

To learn more about QlikTech, please visit: www.qlikview.com.

About eQuest

eQuest is the world’s dominant and most-utilized job posting distribution company. Its primary customer base consists of the majority of the Global Fortune 500. It also provides job deliveries on behalf of the world’s largest Applicant Tracking Systems, ERPs, and job boards — managing thousands of companies through these channels. Present job posting deliveries average 250 million annually. Its Big Data for HR division consults companies wanting to take advantage of its corporate intelligence and predictive analysis services. Other products include consulting, OFCCP compliance and audit protection, technology services, data analytics, interactive media representation, and various predictive tools. www.equest.com

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