Big Data for HR Analytics

Big Data for HR Analytics

We Do All the Heavy Lifting for You

Recruitment Intelligence through patterns of historical data performance and future forecasting.

What is Big Data for HR?

Broken down to its most basic form, eQuest’s Big Data Analytics program provides companies the advantages of utilizing the knowledge of over 1.5 Billion job board and social media performance statistics and applying them to accurately predict job posting success in the future.

eQuest collects records on over 1,000 career sites around the world, based on the over 250 million job deliveries it performs each year. By delivering your jobs we can:

  1. Analyze your current job posting activity for success and failure
  2. Compare your statistics against similar companies, posting similar jobs, in similar locations
  3. Recommend a go-forward plan by strategically positioning your jobs where they work best

Utilizing the power of Big Data can help your company find and hire the right candidate for every position in the organization — faster and more cost effectively.

What can Big Data Analytics specifically do for my organization?

eQuest has designed sophisticated job board performance technology that captures and stores how specific types of jobs, in specific locations, perform uniquely at thousands of career sites around the world. The information is totally unbiased. eQuest does not accept posting data from any job board.

This information can provide your company with meaningful insights and clear guidance on how your sources are performing. Benefits extracted from this data:

  • you will know in advance where to place your online recruitment marketing for optimal performance and cost
  • how to accurately predict the outcome of your investment in your online Talent Acquisition strategy efforts
  • know where job candidates are viewing and responding to jobs (by job board, job classification, title, location, skill set—even by day and hour, anywhere in the world)
  • know where your competitors are posting jobs more effectively
  • calculate the effectiveness of your current job advertising efforts
  • create more effective recruiting strategies while also reducing costs
  • understand how to target candidates faster
  • reveals the end-to-end effectiveness of your Talent Pipeline activities – from Posting Source to Hire

Do I have to perform all the analytics myself?

No — there is no need to hire a data statistician or spend hours interpreting large data sets.

eQuest analytics experts apply their solid statistical modeling and data mining techniques to break down all critical parts of understanding data that is specific to your company. Then they share this information with a qualified Interactive Media consultant who takes the data and transforms it into an easily understood Executive Summary and Talking Points report.

What is in the Executive Summary and Talking Points report?

The report is broken down into three areas.

  1. an encapsulated section showing your job posting activity including strengths and weaknesses by job board, industry and location. This activity is based on the last ninety (90) days of posting.
  2. a benchmarking section which compares your results against similar companies seeking the same type candidates in comparable locations.
  3. a recommendations section which translates all data points into a cohesive go-forward plan. This might mean moving job board spending percentages to other career sites that will work better. Or illuminating job boards you might not be aware of that would provide your company significant increase in potential candidate flow.

How is eQuest job performance data different than vendors that scrape job board activity?

Understanding where companies post jobs is insightful information. But understanding the real candidate performances once the job is posted is even more critical.

eQuest data is truly unique in the HR industry in that it captures actual candidate performance measurements at each job board. Millions of candidates. This type of data can reveal much more in judging past and future job board advertising strategies based on actual candidate studies. No other company in the world collects and stores this kind of data.

Is there an example of a report I can review?

Yes. Please contact an eQuest sales representative and they will make sure you receive a sample report.

Big Data Insights

Being an industry leader of recruitment intelligence, eQuest constantly provides insights and global perspectives on topics related to Big Data for HR.

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