Big Data for HR — Can it Really Make a Big Difference?

Industry insight and analysis suggests that, when it comes to Big Data, HR is at a crossroads, where leaders realize informed decision-making is critical to increasing their strategic value, but they struggle with getting started. I couldn’t agree more — and have even suggested the same in a previous post on HR organizations feeling overwhelmed by … Continue reading “Big Data for HR — Can it Really Make a Big Difference?”

Spooky Parallels — Leveraging Predictive Analytics For Success

I can’t pass up the timely opportunity to point out some spooky parallels between Marketing and Human Resources (HR), as related to data and analytics. It stems from an event invitation I recently received titled “Analytics with a Purpose: The Human Edge of Big Data” ( If the topic sounds familiar, it should, as I’ve … Continue reading “Spooky Parallels — Leveraging Predictive Analytics For Success”

Big Data for HR Doesn’t Have to be Rocket Science

Last week I wrote about growing HR into something big, and how Big Data can play a key role in helping you become a more valuable partner to your organization by engaging in data-driven decision making. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been talking with both customers and industry analysts. Two themes have emerged from … Continue reading “Big Data for HR Doesn’t Have to be Rocket Science”

Grow HR into Something Big

I’ve enjoyed watching the evolution of HR throughout my career. Gone are the days when HR’s primary role was to handle the Administration and Compliance requirements of the employee population. It wasn’t that long ago that being responsible for the Talent Management for those employees was HR’s primary mission. Now, the push is to become … Continue reading “Grow HR into Something Big”

Big Data: A Fool With A Tool, Is Still A Fool

Just as having a saw doesn’t make you an expert carpenter, having Big Data doesn’t make you an expert analyst. A recent article in Harvard Business Review, titled “Big Data’s Human Component,” has reinforced what I’ve been thinking for some time. While the industry is getting excited about Big Data being the “next great tool,” … Continue reading “Big Data: A Fool With A Tool, Is Still A Fool”

1.1 Billion Records — Now That’s “Big Data”

It seems that “Big Data” is all the buzz in technology circles these days — and for good reason. Big data has all the hallmarks of being the next “Big” thing. Big, because of the potential for “Big” rewards that can be reaped. Companies must carefully review how they allocate their resources. Business leaders should … Continue reading “1.1 Billion Records — Now That’s “Big Data””

Floating Point — The Journey Begins

What do a mathematical computation method, a Chinese philosophy, and a baseball coach all have in common? While the answer is not so obvious, the truth is that the powerful combination of these three form the core of the foundation of eQuest’s “Big Data for HR” division. Let’s start with understanding the meaning of the … Continue reading “Floating Point — The Journey Begins”